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You’re not stepping into your full potential and getting featured in the media in a way you are truly proud of. And no wonder!

It’s hard to step into your full potential and stand out in the media when you’re not clear on the best steps to take.

Look around and see how life has been showing up for you and what the response has been so far to your publicity efforts. If it’s not what you want, you are missing a couple of components.

First, changing your belief system around being featured in the media and how things are showing up for you is HUGE. The great thing is I can easily do this for you in just a few minutes. It will make an enormous difference for you when you change your belief system behind what’s keeping you held back and to really become aware of all the possibilities available to you! TV, radio, podcasts, magazine, newspapers, industry publications, niche publications, local TV, national, international (get my point!)

The second component is shifting your mindset to match your new belief and awareness, and then starting to make your decisions about your publicity efforts with a fresh perspective.

The third is to create a plan of action to successfully get quality, consistent media appearances with success (and ease).
So, I felt inspired to GIVE you a FREE Get on Major Media Session to help you step into your full potential, shift into a success mindset and help you with an individualized PR action plan. 

When you release the apprehension that’s keeping you from standing out and align with your new belief system, lock that in with success thinking and take clear action, THAT’S when you SHIFT! BIG TIME!

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So, here’s how this will play out:
There are limited spots available this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The first people who sign up will receive a FREE Get on Publicity Momentum Session (This offer is only good through next Thursday).

We will uncover that hidden challenges that are keeping you stuck. I will give you a solution for those challenges so that your publicity aligns with what you are capable of.

When you don’t know the exact steps to take, you spin. You feel like you’re on a hamster wheel, going in circles, just struggling but not getting anywhere.

Maybe you really want to be a regular contributor or have your work get the recognition it deserves, but you know that fear or lack of confidence is holding you back. Perhaps you feel so close to that next level, but something is in your way and you just can’t figure it out. I am passionate about helping you because the solution is so simple…

Here are the 3 rules to get hooked up:
#1 Click here to secure a spot on our calendar.
#2 Think about the thing you want MOST to put out there when it comes to your vision, right now.
#3 Show up for the call with the intention of receiving your biggest breakthrough yet.

So, if you know you need this:
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Opportunities surround you on a daily basis. Are you willing to not only recognize it but also take action when the opportunity comes?

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Let me reassure you that YOU are worthy and deserving of having the impact you want, becoming nationally known, getting your message out there on your terms, achieving success and receiving the very best this life has to offer… Yes, you can be owning your power and change your life!

I am excited to help you!

Is your publicity making you happy?

With June officially here we are now half-way through the year and this is the time when we begin to look back at the progress we’ve made in our business this year and evaluate the happiness and satisfaction that we’ve experienced.

Take a second to ask yourself:
⇒ Have you accomplished as much as you hoped for in your business this past year?
⇒ Have you experienced the financial freedom that comes with getting featured, working with great clients while having the free time to do what you truly love?
⇒ Did you get featured in the media and get the coverage you want?
⇒ Is your business making you as happy as you could be right now?

If you are frustrated because you still aren’t getting recognized in the way you hoped for or you are still overwhelmed with all the to-do’s that come with being seen….

Here’s the reason why: your frustration is the result of having ambitious goals, but not feeling like you are doing the right things to actually achieve it.

To get the right type of publicity, serve clients more deeply, and have the free time to spend doing the things that you love, you just need a little help, a roadmap to show you the way…and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

I’ve got the roadmap to success that I used myself, and it’s what I teach all of my clients and is resulting in things like this:

A sit down one-on-one studio interview for Jeanine S. plus a sold out signature program that grossed $200K

For Judy L. multiple media interviews locally and internationally!

A new client for Zhe S. just as a result of her nailing her presentation and video publicity on a Facebook Live!

And tons of other media features!!!

And I have to tell you that there is a tremendous sense of pride and joy whenever my clients and I get the right type of media coverage. You can’t help but be excited and tell all of your friends. Or have a few reach out to you and tell you that they saw you on TV, like Jessica’s aunt did:

If you want that for yourself….if you want to experience the joy and happiness that comes from finally getting the recognition you deserve, let’s connect and get things started.

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There is a tremendous sense of pride that comes from being featured positively in the media MONTH after MONTH after MONTH. Let’s map out your plan now. Book a complimentary session here.

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