New Workshop: 20 Seconds of Fame

I couldn’t wait to share this announcement with you!

We are hosting a live workshop next week that is all about how to nail your message ON and OFF camera.

It’s our…

20 Seconds of Fame Studio Experience


When it comes to doing Facebook live videos, national TV interviews or even local media appearances, you really only have 10-20 seconds to make it count!

That time can go by in an instant… which is why you want to make sure you don’t put your foot in your mouth.

Sooooo on Friday, October 27th at 12pm PT/3pm ET we are hosting a 3-hour intensive workshop, coming to you live from inside a TV studio. During this experience, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get clear on your high impact message.
  • Create compelling 20-second soundbites/talking points that allow you to do any media interview confidently and in a highly-polished manner
  • Crystallizing how to communicate your message in a way that makes sense, establishes trust and authority, and makes you the only logical choice in your industry.
  • Cut through the noise in your marketplace, stand out and resonate only with those who truly need to receive your message.
  • Effectively communicate with your tribe and the media in a way that establishes influence.
  • Confidently communicate your message, deliver your impact driven message, where you can influence more people. And truly stand out in your marketplace.

I’ve never offered a workshop like this except to my high-end clients so you’re in for a treat!!!

For just $197, you’ll have the opportunity to join me as I walk you through a process that every television reporter and producer uses to create a compelling media presence no matter what situation or story is thrown their way.


This process will serve you no matter what question the media asks you AND in your marketing and messaging both to boost conversions, get massive results and gain momentum!

Plus there are really exciting bonuses, we are adding as icing on the cake:

++ A personal video critique of your on-camera presence where I give you specific feedback on what to do to improve your presence as well as your interview setup as a whole

++ Branding Fundamentals to Be Seen in 2017 w/Nicole Brown

++ Grow Your YouTube Audience Video w/ Derral Eves

++ Celebrity TV Image Training with Stylist Andy Paige

++Plus my personal routine for getting camera-ready!

++And my favorite self-care, feel great in your soul practices that will have you feeling great and looking great for every camera appearance!


I’m excited to have you join us!

P.S. There will be a recording of the training if you can’t make it live so don’t miss out! Reserve your ticket now.

Is your publicity making you happy?

With June officially here we are now half-way through the year and this is the time when we begin to look back at the progress we’ve made in our business this year and evaluate the happiness and satisfaction that we’ve experienced.

Take a second to ask yourself:
⇒ Have you accomplished as much as you hoped for in your business this past year?
⇒ Have you experienced the financial freedom that comes with getting featured, working with great clients while having the free time to do what you truly love?
⇒ Did you get featured in the media and get the coverage you want?
⇒ Is your business making you as happy as you could be right now?

If you are frustrated because you still aren’t getting recognized in the way you hoped for or you are still overwhelmed with all the to-do’s that come with being seen….

Here’s the reason why: your frustration is the result of having ambitious goals, but not feeling like you are doing the right things to actually achieve it.

To get the right type of publicity, serve clients more deeply, and have the free time to spend doing the things that you love, you just need a little help, a roadmap to show you the way…and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

I’ve got the roadmap to success that I used myself, and it’s what I teach all of my clients and is resulting in things like this:

A sit down one-on-one studio interview for Jeanine S. plus a sold out signature program that grossed $200K

For Judy L. multiple media interviews locally and internationally!

A new client for Zhe S. just as a result of her nailing her presentation and video publicity on a Facebook Live!

And tons of other media features!!!

And I have to tell you that there is a tremendous sense of pride and joy whenever my clients and I get the right type of media coverage. You can’t help but be excited and tell all of your friends. Or have a few reach out to you and tell you that they saw you on TV, like Jessica’s aunt did:

If you want that for yourself….if you want to experience the joy and happiness that comes from finally getting the recognition you deserve, let’s connect and get things started.

>>>> Click here to book a Publicity Momentum Session

There is a tremendous sense of pride that comes from being featured positively in the media MONTH after MONTH after MONTH. Let’s map out your plan now. Book a complimentary session here.

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