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I’ve got a great new resource that is hot off the press and because you’re in my email community, I wanted to offer it to you first.

If you want to get on national television this year, then this fill-in-blank Get on National TV Now template is for you!

This template will help you stop being the best kept secret and show you exactly how to get featured on national television outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX or even OWN.

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In this template I share the 4 most important tips to getting booked on national TV now!

It covers, how to determine who is the right person in the media to contact and how to find the correct contact information, the fastest way of getting a TV or radio producer’s attention in 2017 AND a fill-in-the-blank template on how to package your message.

After you download your free copy, you’ll be given an option to get 100 national media contacts for $7 bucks!!!

And YES, the contact info for OWN is in there, not to mention other contacts for publications like the Today Show, Hallmark Channel, Bloomberg, Essence, Huffington Post and MORE!

This will save you the headache, time and energy of having to go and search for them.

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P.S. Not only will you get 100 national media contacts but the $7 offer also includes the best way to reach out to them. That can sometimes make all the difference in you actually getting a response.

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Register for the Publicity Made Easy Event


Picture this: the producers at OWN call you to see if you would be interested in them interviewing YOU. Pretty awesome right? 

After taking a deep breath and jumping with excitement (maybe even doing a little dance), you say YES!!!!! Then the panic sets in. 

What do you say? What do you wear? How do you make sure you don’t mess this opportunity up?  

I know the feeling and after being featured on major publications myself, I can tell you it starts to become like second nature once you have the right elements in place.  

That’s why I wanted to send you a quick reminder to check out this upcoming “Publicity Made Easy” virtual event. Get access here

You see doing media interviews can be a ton of fun and they can catapult your business to the next level. I’m talking more CLIENTS, more $$$ and more IMPACT! 

There’s no question that this is the age of the entrepreneur! Never before has it been so easy to get great publicity and use it to take your business to the next level.  

What’s unfortunate is the information overload and costly mistakes that keeps many talented business owners out of the spotlight. 

A few days ago when I sent you an invite to the “Publicity Made Easy”virtual event, I sent it because this event gives you everything you need to know in order start being featured today!  

I’ve compiled a powerhouse panel of experts to share with you the very best tools and strategies for getting great publicity without having to hire a pricey PR firm. Register now! 

I don’t usually send out reminders about these things, but I’m committed to giving you practical tools and strategies so that you can get your work out there… so that together we can raise the consciousness in the media. It’s simple – the more positive news being featured, the more the entire planet benefits!  


I know that you may get invitation to online events all the time but this is one that you don’t want to miss. It’s going to be awesome! 

I am living proof that getting great publicity can make a massive difference to your bottom line. It’s been the secret sauce to building momentum and landing great clients in my business.And I know you are going to absolutely LOVE the value-packed behind-the-scenes tips and strategies that are being shared. 

We are covering everything from how do video interviews to how to get the media to say yes to what mistakes to avoid, to how to become a serious influencer and create your own publicity opportunities to how to turn publicity into clients and MORE. 

If you’ve ever wished you could be a fly on the wall at a “top experts” marketing and publicity planning meeting, this is your chance. And it’s FREE. Click here to reserve your spot

Hear from remarkable people, like myself, who are sharing their light in the media – and who want to help you get some great publicity so that you can do the same.  

Join me for this upcoming video event hosted by Jackie Kotei! 

Publicity Made Easy is an online event showing you: 
How to Get Picked up by Major Media and Inspire the World 

The event is happening NOW and it is FREE! 
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I’m excited to be interviewing 20+ fascinating people who have been featured in places like the TODAY show,, INC., ABC, NBC, CBS, OWN, The New York Times, CNN, NPR, ELLEN, the Steve Harvey Show. And the great thing is that we are coming together for this event to show you how you can do the same.  

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your favorite publication or TV show reached out to feature you?  

Join us! You won’t regret it!

Now Enrolling for the I.A.M. Experts Academy

I’d love to have you join this incredible group of entrepreneurs. Our recent Mastermind Retreat was a massive success with women walking away empowered to claim their expert status and serve the world with their gifts no matter the obstacles.

Brunch with some of my VIP clients.
Brunch with some of my VIP clients.

Many people reached out to us, ready to jump into changing their lives, so we are opening our group coaching program, Inspire A Movement Experts Academy, one more time this year… BUT ONLY FOR 15 PEOPLE!

If you have a gap between where you are and where you want to be with your publicity and marketing efforts, then this just might be the most important blog post you’ve ever come across.

With months in the planning…. I’ve just reopened the doors to the Inspire A Movement Experts Academy (newly updated for 2016!) and I believe it is going to REVOLUTIONIZE your business. And I don’t write this lightly.

The I.A.M. Experts Academy is for the CEO that knows (s)he wants this to be the year to:

  • Get press coverage and leverage the power of the media
  • Become the go-to expert in your industry
  • Create highly converting signature content and high-end online programs for clients who love you

Put simply you will learn how to get picked up by major media outlets and funnel all that traffic your way so that you get an influx of clients MONTH after MONTH after MONTH.

If you’ve ever recorded a video, or a post on social media, a blog, a live-stream or an email and it’s like dead silence out there, then you know the challenges that arise with creating content that connects. By leveraging the power of the media and learning their secrets they use to attract millions of viewers, your business will TAKE OFF!

I am SO excited for the incredible entrepreneurs who have already said YES to this experience, because I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, that you WILL SEE each of them on TV, RADIO and in PRINT, very, very soon.

Learn more about joining the year-long Inspire A Movement Experts Academy here.

We just opened the academy publicly for this incredible program… and we have a SPECIAL FAST ACTION BONUS AVAILABLE (expires soon)

You will receive a bonus 60 minute 1:1 private call with ME! This is a $500 dollar value, yours free (plus THOUSANDS of dollars worth of bonus goodies on top of it).

If you’ve been considering working with me 1:1 but couldn’t make it work financially or timing, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE. (I’m not taking any ongoing 1:1 clients right now or anytime soon!) 

We are currently in the Enrollment period and you have the ability to…

save up to $2600 when you enroll today.


I want to be honest with you… those spots filled FAST, so we just decided to open ten more… one is already gone. We do not plan on opening it again until 2017. It’s designed to help people who are serious about getting free publicity, so they never have to worry again about where their next client is coming from and they feel EMPOWERED because their message is changing lives. Here’s the problem: I usually do VIP complete marketing and publicity makeovers where I charge a lot of money, that demand a lot of one-on-one time with me. This is one reason I’ve created this program, so my press coverage solutions are more accessible to MORE people around the world, who want to know my proven system for getting picked up by the media and understand they are worth the investment of time, energy, and money (way less than the VIP program).


  1. 9 more people who are SERIOUS about finally
    being seen on major TV, radio and print (most spots have already been filled!)
  2. Must be able to commit and participate in
    a program that includes bi-weekly group trainings,
    all done from the comfort of your home, wherever
    you are in the world. Trainings are recorded for
    those instances that you cannot make it live, or you’re
    in an international time zone.
  3. Must be willing to implement. I’ve created an
    amazingly supportive environment where these
    people I work with will be sharing feedback
    and success stories with each other throughout
    their business building journey – you’re not going to be
    in this alone ever again.
  4. I’m NOT looking for people interested in a
    magic pill solution or cookie cutter method for
    publicizing their business. Or people with a victim mentality
    who blames others for their situation, but
    rather are EXCITED to get back in the
    driver’s seat of her own life!


  1. A complete step-by-step system to
    show you an easy and fun way to get covered by major media and use that press attention to attract paying clients. (This is the same system I’ve used to help myself and with my personal clients around the world to get noticed and grow their businesses)
  2. Access to additional training and coaching
    sessions. I want to make sure you have every resource you need and that no stone is left
    unturned. You will get additional coaching
    and training calls to make sure every
    question you have is answered in this program.
  3. Complete access to our exclusive, private
    online forum where you can get coaching and
    support DAILY 24-7.
  4. The opportunity to participate in this program from
    the comfort of your own home, heavily reducing
    cost of multiple trips and hotel fees. It’s 95% virtual,
    with a mastermind retreat AND a BY INVITE ONLY live event, which you will get a VIP pass to.

I’m Interested, What’s next?

If you’re serious about finally leveraging the power of the media and want a supportive
environment with the opportunity
to get all your questions answered, this is
exactly what you’re looking for.

We opened spots over the next few days to talk to me, to see if this is a good fit for you.
Check now to see if we have a spot left…


If it’s a good fit, I’d love to work together
and help you END 2016 STRONG, so your business
struggle is a thing of the past!

Remember, there’s only 9 spots left and a few have already been taken.
The rest WILL fill fast.This program has SOLD OUT when we offered it in the past!

Talk to us NOW if you’re interested…


Even if you have tried “everything out there” at this point,
I know this can be different.

Remember… the doors are closing SOON and we do
not plan on opening them again until next year!

I BELIEVE in you.

All my love,


P.S. Know someone else who would also be interested
in this rare opportunity? Please feel free to forward this
blog to them now!


A sit down one-on-one studio interview for Jeanine S.


For Laura L. the relaunch of her book + an international event to get the word out


A celebrity-style photo shoot for Egypt B.


THIS is just some of the perks that come with being apart of the I.A.M. Experts Academy, not to mention being FEATURED MONTH after MONTH after MONTH in the media:

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